about altoonative travel

Altoonative travel is all about helping people to make informed choices about how they travel to the match. For too long, spectators and supporters have had to search all over the web for information on bus services, where to park their bike, where is the best car park – altoonative travel is a one stop shop for people going to the match. We have only just started though! So we are keen to find out where people think there are gaps and what more we can to help people avoid the match day madness of getting to the match.

Altoonative travel is managed by Newcastle City Council on behalf of the Newcastle United Supporter Travel Plan Advisory Board. The Board consists of Nexus, Network One, Newcastle City Council and Newcastle United.

How does altoonative travel help me?

If you’re planning to go to the match to watch Newcastle United, we’ve put together lots of information to help plan your trip which will help you to avoid the match day madness.

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